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William Stewart PhD, PMP, PPM

Russian Blockade of Berlin, 1948.
Assistant Secretary: "How do you remain so calm?"
Secretary George C. Marshall: "I've seen worse."

Bill Stewart is a PMIĀ® certified Project Management Professional (PMPĀ®), and has delivered more than 330 live project management courses to more than 3,300 people (testimonials).  His online course Deeply Practical Project Management has been taken by more than 50,000 people around the world.

Bill has 27 years of hands-on experience with project management, risk management, contract management, and negotiating.  He has worked for government, business, academia, and founded a software startup.  He is author of the book and course Deeply Practical Project Management, and has managed projects in the domains of organizational improvement, business process, system integration, software, construction, real estate, research, and others.

Bill is currently a management consultant helping clients work better and get more done.  Previously, he founded and ran the cloud computing company Cirrus Computing for ten years.  Before that he spent 14 years in aerospace where he served as company System Engineering Manager and Software Manager for a functional organization of 55 people, Project Manager for projects from $250K to $55M, and in a range of senior management roles on other projects up to $3B.

His first real job was with the Canadian Public Service from 1982 to 1987, where he established and managed a computing centre supporting 4,500 personnel, and developed and deployed software to manage enterprise-wide course scheduling, resource management, personnel management, and payroll.  He also developed and taught two programming courses accredited by Seneca College.

His professional training includes Executive Leadership, Project Management, Risk Management, System Engineering, System Architecture, and Requirements Engineering.  He has taught courses in Program Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Cost & Schedule Control, and Negotiating.

Bill received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of New Brunswick in 1992 for discovery of an algorithm that builds geodesic domes in multiple dimensions in optimum space and time, which to his knowledge has never been used for anything practical ;-).  While in graduate school he also taught eleven computer science courses. 

Bill is author of the first web-published book The Living Internet, with contributions from many of the creators of the Internet.  He is also author of the best practices document "The Fun Standard" at FunStandard.org.  His paper on public financing of political parties was published in Policy Options in 1990, and credited in the Canadian House of Commons when the federal party financing bill passed in 2003.  He lives in Ottawa, Canada.

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