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How To Manage Projects Using The Standard
Project Management Institute (PMI) Process
In The Most Deeply Practical Way

Finishing your project

"Finally a course that teaches the 'how' of project management
from an experienced veteran."
– Karin Brame

Hi, I've given more than 330 live PM courses to more than 3,300 people since 2007, and would be pleased to help your team as well!  You can take this course (1) live onsite at your location, (2) live virtually over Zoom for distributed teams, and (3) online in a self paced format that you can take anywhere, anytime.

Complexity is the main challenge in project management.  Therefore, the PM process must make things simpler, not more complex.  This course explains how to use the proven Project Management Institute (PMI) process to successfully manage projects of any size, from any domain, in the simplest and most practical way.  I've applied them myself to projects from just a few thousand dollars to $55M, and taught them to thousands of others.  This course will give you real, practical skills you can apply immediately.

All students receive:

  • Templates. Microsoft Office templates for twelve of the key PM documents, from the Project Charter to Project Plan to Final Report.
  • Example. A complete set of professional PM documentation for a realistic, complex project, including a Project Charter, Stakeholder Register, Project Plan, Schedule, Risk Register, and much more.
  • MS Office Guide. The invaluable document Project Planning With MS Office, describing how to use Microsoft Office applications to efficiently manage your project's scope, schedule, and budget.
  • Videos. Lifetime access to 8.5 hours of more than 200 short videos that walk through the entire PM process that you can refer to anywhere, anytime, to help you manage your projects and further your career.
  • Certificate. A certificate documenting you have earned Professional Development Units (PDU's) corresponding to the length of your course, and bestowing on you the credential Practical Project Manager (PPM)!

In addition, attendees of the live course (either onsite or virtual) receive a copy of the 250 page book Deeply Practical Project Management that provides comprehensive coverage of the PM best practices to help you manage your projects large and small.

First this course reviews the most important concepts in PM.  Then the critically important role and key skills of the Project Manager are described.  Then the PM best practices are mapped across the project time-line, and the specific actions you need to take at each step are explained in an easy to follow thread.  The use of software tools to support the PM process is explained.  Hands-on exercises are provided to provide practical skills you can apply right away.  At the end of this course you will not only understand project management, you will be able to implement it.

Whether you are a new Project Manager, an experienced PM looking for a review, or just want to understand the best practices, this course will help your project performance and advance your career.  The course also provides excellent preparation for those pursuing a PMP or CAPM certification with the Project Management Institute (PMI). 

Please contact me for more information or to schedule a course.

"Excellent course -- easy to understand -- wish I had taken this
before I took my PMP exam!"
– Thomas Flores

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